King Ferry Bottling Company

Proudly Hydrating NYS

What We Have to Offer You

5 Gallon Bottle

We offer bottled water in a 5 Gallon Jug 

Available in Both Spring and Purified Water

Perfect for the home office and retail !

3 Gallon Jug

We offer a 3 gallon jug in just purified water

Perfect for those of you who are not physically capable of lifting the heavier 5 gallon Jug, making it ideal for the elderly !

1 Gallon Jugs

-Available in a case of 6 ( 1 gallon jugs )

Water Bottles by the Case

A case of water that contains 30, 16.9 fluid ounce bottles

-Available with our standard label OR your very own private label for a small upcharge

Cased Water Bottles by the Pallet

Perfect and ideal for retail

55 Gallon Drum

Great for Commercial and Industrial use

500 Gallon Tote

Great for Commercial and Industrial use. can also be used for personal home use